We are developing future

We are well aware of the complexity of presenting new articles to the market from the early development stages to the successful market penetration. We see ourselves as the point where fibre innovations meet technological innovations.

With the input of our in-house knowledge coupled with first class quality systems and our willingness to develop specific characteristics into our yarns we offer new development opportunities to all of our customers.

And we also work with you

We are happy to develop yarns to your specific requirements. By intensive communication we can follow your needs and assist you – not only with the production of specific articles, but also by offering our customers all the technical support that is required as well as our support in all certification procedures.

The flexibility of our production capabilities is being continuously upgraded so that we can offer favourable delivery terms. Our emphasis on R&D and service means that we are your partner right through to the final article.

Research and Development

The foundation of Litia’s R&D is a highly qualified and motivated team, who strive to search to find new ways of combining fibres and improving yarn properties. We are very active in research activities in which we build co-operations and partner-ships with industrial partners as well as research institutions from all over Europe and we do this by means of projects.

Today, we are building our future together with our partners and this is based upon trust and textile solutions to problems and challenges.


Litia’s quality standards have been built upon the quality management standard ISO 9001 and which has been the foundation of our quality system since 1995.

All of our employees take an active part in the process of quality. At separate stages each and everyone attends to yarn production with the maximum responsibility and according to pre-defined procedures and quality criteria.

The supervision process is carried out “on-line” in the production process with the help of the latest technology from our machines which are of the latest generation and in very well equipped physics and chemistry laboratories.


As a socially responsible company, Predilnica Litija strongly supports the local environment and cares for the maintenance of the broad ecosystem with conscious actions.

Human Resources

We are aware that qualified, motivated and content employees are our greatest asset and that they are responsible for achieving the highest levels of quality. It is not enough just to invest in research and development, it is crucial to invest in the know-how and research potential of our employees.
Litia carries out a continuous process of internal education and training.
External transfer of knowledge has been implemented in cooperation with universities, institutes, suppliers and other institutions.

Therefore Litia systematically builds long-term relationships with our employees and which is based upon mutual respect and loyalty.

Professionalism, creativity, team work and integrity are the values that distinguish our employees.