Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Statement
The Litija Spinning Mill respects your right to privacy and is obliged to act in compliance with the laws and regulations, which define the protection of personal data. The purpose of the Privacy Statement is to inform you about how the collected personal data will be used and how you can change or request the erasure of all data kept on you.

The Litija Spinning Mill undertakes to use the collected personal data in compliance with this Privacy Statement.

2. In general
The users of this website can be natural persons or legal entities, whereby according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Personal Data Protection Act, only the data of natural persons are considered as personal data.

The Litija Spinning Mill undertakes to protect personal data submitted to us by using our website. In order to prevent unauthorised access to or disclosure of these data, to maintain the accuracy of personal data and to ensure their corresponding usage, we use technical and organisational procedures for the protection of personal data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Personal Data Protection Act.

Visiting the website
Each time you visit the website of the Litija Spinning Mill, the web server, by using Google Analytics, stores the log files of the web server (IP number, browser version, operating system version, operating system language, location, time of visit, visits to sub-pages for each individual visitor of the website). The Litija Spinning Mill does not process such data collected separately and which are not merged with any other data. The web server log files are stored under the terms of the Google Analytics services.

Subscription to e-News (notifications)
If you have signed up into the system for receiving e-News (notifications), the Litija Spinning Mill may inform you via e-mail about the new product range, on marketing activities and other significant events that are directly related to the Litija Spinning Mill.
If you no longer want to receive these notifications, you can unsubscribe by using the automatic unsubscribe link in each respective e-News (notification).
The Litija Spinning Mill collects personal data (name and e-mail address) upon subscription to e-News (notifications). All data collected under these terms will be used in compliance with the purpose for which they were collected and will not be transmitted to third parties without your consent. They are stored until unsubscribing from e-News (notifications), then they are deleted.

Processing of personal data is based on explicit consent of the website visitor and is intended for direct marketing.

3. Cookies
By using cookies, the Litija Spinning Mill may collect information about your use of the website according to the above specified purpose of personal data processing.

A cookie is a small file uploaded to the user’s computer when the latter visits a specific website. At each re-visit, the website will obtain the information on the uploaded cookie and will recognise the user. Cookies are important for the operation of websites so that the user’s experience is better. With their help it is possible to analyse the circulation on the website.

More about cookies.

4. Data users
Data users are the manager and the administrator of the Litija Spinning Mill website.

Questions on confidentiality of your data, method of collection and use of date or the desire for additional information shall be answered by the administrator of the website.

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