1. Cookies
By using cookies, the company Predilnica Litija, d.o.o. may collect information about your use of the website.

A cookie is a small file uploaded to the user’s computer when the latter visits a specific website. At each re-visit, the website will obtain the information on the uploaded cookie and will recognise the user. Cookies are important for the operation of websites so that the user’s experience is better. With their help it is possible to analyse the circulation on the website.

On its website, the company Predilnica Litija d.o.o uses the following cookies: temporary or session cookies, persistent or stored cookies (to record a website visit and language selection) and own cookies for conducting surveys.

Transient or session cookies “live” from the moment the user opens the browser until the moment they end the session and closes the browser. They are used by websites to store temporary information, such as shopping cart items, in order to enhance online banking security, etc. As such, cookies are stored for a short period of time, their invasiveness to the user’s privacy may be smaller.

Persistent or stored cookies also remain stored when the user closes the browser and ends the session. Websites use them, e.g. for storing registration information, language settings of pages, etc., and also for building user profiles and analysing circulation. Persistent cookies may remain in a computer for several days, months or even years.

1st party cookies are from the website that the user is viewing and may be persistent or transient. Websites use these cookies for storing information, which they re-use when the user re-visits this site.

Hereinafter are the information on individual cookies used by the website of the company Predilnica Litija, d.o.o.:

Google Analytics__utma




Implementation of the website visit statistics and monitoring of the website visitors activities.

More about these cookies
__utma – 2 years

__utmb – 30 minutes

__utmc – until the end of the session

__utmv – zero

__utmz – 6 months
Think Networkab054e8d9e0734ea4283135e93274bc2

Language selection to view the website.ab054e8d9e0734ea4283135e93274bc2 – until the end of the session

jfcookie[lang] – 1 day

Implementation of online survey completed by the visitors at their own request.cc48df52b79a172da60cb1452b3628a4 – until the end of the session

4762f8276f8b89eb8916d840e4787fef – 1 minute


Decision on the use of cookies.cc_analytics – 1 year

cc_other – 1 year

cc_necessary – 1 year

By giving consent the website visitor agrees to the storing of cookies and access to cookies already stored on the visitor’s device.

The visitor can decide on the installation of individual cookies to his device at his own discretion. He can change his decision at any time with appropriate settings on the use of cookies.